MediumRisk is shutting down

August 2015, this site will shut down. Existing accounts will work as usual until August, and they can sign in to export their account data. I »

Risk management as a catalyst for achieving results

Project management involves managing uncertainties, and making projections into an unknown future. Risk management is one of several tools that can bring confidence and certainty to »

What is a risk matrix and how do you use it?

Risk matrices are used for evaluating the risk level of risks that you have identified in your project or organisation. More precisely, a risk matrix express »

Managing risks in cross-organizational projects

There is very often more than one organization involved in a project. Maintaining an up to date project risk register across several organizations may be complicated, »

It's a risk, deal with it

A risk management process involves identifying, analyzing and assessing risks. At the stage when you have completed the risk assessment, you are position to decide how »